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Clare Hamill: Delivering JOY Across the Nation

Clare Hamill: Delivering JOY Across the Nation
Clare Hamill's involvement with the Children's Cancer Association goes back to the days before CCA even had a name. When founder Regina Ellis' daughter Alexandra was battling cancer, Clare generously helped put together a special trip to Hawaii for the family. And after Alexandra passed away, Clare sat at Regina's kitchen table with a few other friends to create an organization dedicated to delivering joy to other kids facing serious illness.

In the nearly two decades since then, Clare has supported CCA through her extraordinary leadership as a Founding Board President. Besides giving her time and energy to CCA, Clare also makes a financial gift every year, which helps fuel day-to-day operations.

A few years ago, Clare decided to supplement her long history of annual giving with a gift that would leave a lasting legacy. So she purchased a life insurance policy and named CCA as the beneficiary. "For me, it was important to continue funding innovation and growth each year," she explained. "Because the insurance policy premiums are relatively small, it was a great way to leave a legacy gift that wouldn't take away from my annual giving."

To make an outright gift of a life insurance policy, simply contact your insurance company, fill out the proper change of ownership form and designate CCA as the new owner. You can also keep your existing policy and purchase a new one for CCA. Either way, the policy premiums are tax deductible as charitable gifts and typically far less than the total value of the policy. "It's really an affordable way to leave a significant financial legacy," said Clare. One that will further CCA's mission of JoyRx for years to come.