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Donor Stories

Learn how folks like you have made an impact through their acts of generosity to CCA. Explore the many benefits of charitable gift planning.

  • Janice Phillips: Native Oregonian and Cancer Survivor Makes Bequest to CCA
    Native Oregonian Janice Phillips believes in living for today, but also recognizes the power of leaving a lasting legacy. A graduate of the University of Oregon and the youngest daughter to the former President of the Oregon Symphony, Janice's Oregon-based roots run deep.
  • Paul and Tasca Gulick: Real Property Makes a Real Difference
    Paul and Tasca Gulick were driving down the Oregon Coast one afternoon when they spotted a beautiful piece of property for sale. They had no plans for it, but felt compelled to buy it anyway. "It wasn't zoned for anything we needed, but we figured that maybe someday we'd be able to put it to good use," explained Paul.
  • Clare Hamill: Delivering JOY Across the Nation
    Clare Hamill's involvement with the Children's Cancer Association goes back to the days before CCA even had a name. When founder Regina Ellis' daughter Alexandra was battling cancer, Clare generously helped put together a special trip to Hawaii for the family.
  • Marsha Brockmeyer: Creating a Legacy of Joy in Honor of a Loved One
    Marsha is a music fan. Pop, rock, jazz–she loves it all. So, when she was introduced to CCA's MyMusicRx program, it immediately struck a chord. "As the District Manager of Target, I was also managing the Community Giving program. I went on a hospital tour to see MyMusicRx in action," she explained. "It was such a profound experience. I literally cried tears of joy."
  • Suzie Moll: Former Chemo Pal, Ambassador Board Member and a Proud Member of CCA's Legacy Society
    Smiles, laughter, music, nature, kindness, and helping people, these are the things that bring Suzie Moll joy. A native Oregonian with...